Difference between Advice and Advise

September 26, 2016 by Editorial Team

Advice and advise are two words that are commonly interchanged, causing confusion to most people. They are pronounced similarly and even have pertinent meanings. Separated only by one letter, these two words are actually quite simple to distinguish.


Advice vs Advise

Advice is a suggestion, opinion or recommendation for what someone should do. It is often useful and constructive information that directs a person to the right decision. When we are in a difficult situation or in a dilemma, we ask for advice. Advice is a noun.


The advice he gave me was somewhat ambiguous.
I took the doctor’s advice to take a vacation.
She needs advice on what car to buy.
His mother’s advice was to invest 30 percent of their profits.

To advise is to give an opinion, suggestion, recommendation or counsel. When you advise, you give advice. Advise is a verb and is always followed by the person being advised. It usually uses “to” after the name of the individual we are advising.


My teacher advised me to take the exams before my surgery.
Nina advised her to take the bus.
I advise you to quit drinking.
The manager is advising the employee to study again.

Advice vs Advise

So what is the difference between advice and advise? The confusion often stems from the subtle differences in spelling. There are two differences that we can characterize – the parts of speech and the pronunciation.

Advice is a noun. It has an “s” sound at the end and rhymes with “ice,” while advise has a “z” sound at the end and rhymes with “prize.” Advise functions as a verb. Remember that “you advise” and “you give advice.”


It is so easy to give advice, but doing it is the hard part.

Functions as a noun

It is easy to advise, but doing it is the hard part.

Functions as a verb

Maven is always advising her to quit smoking but she never listens.
Find someone who is ready to give you advice.

Comparison Chart 

Suggestion, counsel, opinionThe act of giving advice or counsel
Pronounced with an “s” at the endPronounced with a “z” at the end


This video explains the difference between advice and advise.