Difference between Economy and Business Class

December 17, 2015 by Editorial Team

Two classes in air travel are economy class and business class. Many people fail to understand how they will benefit in terms of facilities when choosing one of the two. However, the difference is cloudless. The first one is in the price, with another major divergence lying in the seat pitch and width. By the latter is meant the space you get to relax and stretch your body and move your legs.

The peculiarities of the two classes further differ in a myriad of ways.


Economy vs Business Class
Economy class

Whether in air travel or rail travel, economy class is often dubbed coach class or standard class. Economy class is the lowest seating class in any kind of ride, and therefore the most affordable one. Formerly, this class was dubbed third class or fourth class.

When you consider economy class, its seat pitch is between 30 and 32 inches, all in all, differing with each airline. Then again, the same may be a little more in the case of economy plus class. Talking about the seat width, this lies between 17 and 19 inches in the case of economy class. The seat recline ranges from 100 to 115 degrees, and toilets per passenger may be limited in number. With this being one of the disadvantages, economy class may sometimes even lack footrests, which is not the case in business class.

Business class
Business class

As the name suggests, Business Class is of huge significance to the airline industry. Thus, along with the basic amenities, airlines offer attractive incentives to lure people to plan a voyage in this class.

As weighed against economy, business class provides more benefits to passengers, and thus, more comfort. The leg space is greater, as is that for body relaxation. The seat pitch in business class is from 48 to 60 inches. Furthermore, the seat width ranges from 20 to 28 inches, on the whole, wider than the economy class seats.

In addition, the seat recline angle is 150 degrees to flat.

Economy vs Business Class

The key difference between economy and business class is in seat pitch and seat width, but the other differences may be seen in amenities provided to passengers. Business class may also offer Movies on Demand, internet facility, rotating TV screens, and greater variety in food and wine. Economy class offers a more standardized, modest menu and little choice in viewing possibilities. Besides, passenger handling even at the airport may differ in cases of business and economy classes.

Comparison Chart

Economy Class Business Class
The seat pitch is less.Seat pitch is higher than economy class.
Seat width is limited.Seats are more spacious and comfortable.
Seat recline is from 100 to 115 degrees.Seat recline is better i.e. from 150 to 180 degrees.
Though, it depends on the carrier, route and day of the week, the price for an economy class is substantially lesser than that for a business class seat.A business class seat may charge almost 10 times the price demanded by an economy class seat. However, the business class passenger would get countless incentives and benefits in this case.
It has limited facilities like food and toilets per passenger.It has better facilities with incentives such as 10-15 inch TV and more food choices.


The video below explains how you can choose the best seat for yourself in an airplane.