Difference between Woman and Women

December 13, 2016 by Editorial Team

The words “woman” and “women” are easy use incorrectly because they almost have the same spelling. Although both words refer to a lady or an adult female, they are actually used differently. This article will discuss the difference between “woman” and “women.”


Woman vs Women

The word woman is a singular noun that refers to an adult female human being or a person’s gender identity. It is pronounced as \wü-min\. Let’s see some examples:

  1. The new CEO is a very tiny but powerful woman.
  2. Jack fell in love with Rose, a very attractive woman.
  3. As an independent woman, I strongly believe that I am capable of handling these tasks.


The word women, on the other hand, has the same meaning as “woman” except in plural form. It also refers to a female human being of all ages. It is pronounced as\wi-min\. Let’s take a look at some examples:

  1. Can you believe ten women fit in that tiny pink car?
  2. The senator is an advocate of women’s rights.
  3. There’s a mix up. The shirts I found in the women’s section are actually for men!

Woman vs Women

What, then, is the difference between “woman” and “women”?

The two words have the same meaning. The main difference is that “woman” is singular and “women” is plural. Therefore, if you are talking about one adult female, use “woman.” Use “women” if you are talking about two or more ladies or female adults.

In terms of pronunciation, the word “women” is pronounced with a short “i” sound in the first syllable, as in \wi-min\. “Woman” is pronounced as \wu-min\; the first syllable, “wo,” is pronounced like “woo” in “wood.”

Comparison Chart

Singular; refers to one adult female human beingPlural; refers to two or more females
Pronounced \wü-min\Pronounced \wi-min\