Difference between 7Up and Sprite
By Laura Lee - July 7, 2023

Sprite and 7Up are two well-known lemon and lime fizzy drinks. Not only are Sprite and 7Up manufactured by different companies, but they each also have their selling appeal and flavor profile. Comparing Sprite and 7Up can help you understand how these two lemon and lime beverages vary and how they appeal to different people. It could also make for great conversation with friends.


7 Up (stylized as 7up outside of North America) or Seven Up is an American brand of non-caffeinated lemon-lime soft drink. Keurig Dr. Pepper owns the brand and recipe, while PepsiCo distributes the beverage internationally.
Sprite is a Coca-Cola Company-owned American brand of clear, lemon, and lime-flavored soft drinks. Sprite comes in many flavors, including cranberry, cherry, grape, orange, tropical, ginger, and vanilla. The beverages’ ice, peach, Berryclear remix, and later variants are artificially sweetened. Sprite was mainly established to compete with Keurig Dr. Pepper’s 7Up.

7Up vs. Sprite

7Up and Sprite are incredibly bubbly cold beverages with a lemon and lime taste. When it comes to citrus tastes, Sprite is known to have a slightly softer taste than 7Up. Sprite is also believed to have a sweeter taste than 7Up. 7 Up has a distinct lime flavor, whereas Sprite has a lemon flavor.

In terms of ingredients, 7 Up is more carbonated than Sprite. 7Up has artificial tastes as well, whereas Sprite contains natural flavors. The fact that 7 Up has more artificial flavors than Sprite may explain why it tastes stronger overall.
Finally, the nutritional differences between Sprite and 7Up aren’t a lot. The main difference between the two beverages is that 7Up has 20 mg more sodium than Sprite. This means that 7Up is objectively unhealthier than Sprite, as excessive salt can harm your health.

Comparison Chart
  1. Distinct lime flavor
Has a softer, sweeter, lemony flavor
  1. Highly carbonated with more artificial flavors
The flavor is more natural
  1. It has about 20mg of sodium than Sprite
Sugar content is almost the same as in 7UP