Difference Between a Boy and a Man in a Relationship
By Theydiffer - July 3, 2015

When it comes to dating, the difference really depends upon whether you are dating a boy or a man. If you are a strong, independent lady looking for a respectable and reliable man as a partner, you should definitely watch out for red flags that tell you, “Oh, boy! You’re dating a boy!”


In any relationship, being a man or being a boy does not necessarily and automatically refer to one’s age. In fact, being a man means having a mature outlook and a positive drive in life. A man knows how to take responsibility over his duties and make himself accountable for any mistake he humbly admits he has committed.

Meanwhile, being a boy entails inadequacy of motivation in life, lack of commitment to relationships and a shortsighted view of the concept of responsibility.

Comparison Chart

A man in a relationshipA boy in a relationship
Has a life planOnly goes with the flow
Looks for what is substantialOnly interested in physical looks
Knows very well how to communicateAvoids ‘serious’ conversations
Knows better how to respect womenTreats women as a recreational pastime

Boy vs Man in a relationship

So what’s the difference between a boy and a man in a relationship? Let us compare them according to their outlook, preferences, communication skills and treatment of women.

  • A boy hasn’t figured out what he wants to do with his life yet. He only goes with the flow, accepting whatever comes his way, which results in a mediocre way of living. He doesn’t care if he lives in a dingy apartment forever, nor if he performs efficiently in his job. In short, he only does things in order to get them done. Meanwhile, a man has a life plan. He can see where he will be five to ten years from now. He never settles for less and of course, always excels. With a man who has a life plan, you surely can rely on his commitment.
  • Boys do not care about your beliefs and principles in life. They only care about looks or how hot women are. But men’s interests go beyond beauty. They look for women who are substantial inside and out. They believe that beauty does not only mean a perfect face or physique, but also concerns values and the outlook a woman can have. And they respect that!
  • Boys avoid conversations. They flee at the very mention of serious talk. This is because they are afraid of commitments and responsibility. On the other hand, men are very effective in communication. They know they should be honest about their sentiments, and at the same time, they can be good listeners. A man knows that in order to be committed, he should open himself to his strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Lastly, men know the essence of respect very well. They know that the purpose of being in a relationship is not only for sex but for one’s development also. They respect women’s decisions. But boys, on the other hand, impose their will on women, even if it hurts their partners. They only treat women as their partners in bed but not as partners in life.