Difference between a Detached and Semi – Detached Home
By Rebecca Rodriguez - July 13, 2023

Many people know the specifics of their dream homes down to the tee. However, most urban homes tend to be similar and yet equally different. When considering homes for family living, detached homes seem to be a favorite for many and are commonly bought due to their characteristics. However, semi-detached homes have risen in equal or more popularity for multiple reasons. Here’s why.


A stand-alone home (also known as single-detached housing, detached residence, or detached house) is a self-contained residential structure. In contrast to a multi-family residential dwelling, it is sometimes referred to as a single-family home. Despite regional variations, detached implies that the structure does not share a wall with other residences.
A semi-detached home (known as a ‘semi’) is a single-family duplex dwelling house that has one common wall with the house next door. Semi-detached houses are frequently built in pairs, with one house’s plan mirroring the other.

Detached vs. Semi-detached

Generally, semi-detached houses are smaller than single-family homes in interior and outdoor areas. They also tend to sit on long, narrow lots, which is typically reflected in their size. Keep this in mind if you intend to grow your family. It’s also worth mentioning that semis often have cheaper building expenses, so purchasers may frequently obtain more space for their money.

Semi-detached dwellings are often less expensive than detached ones. Because semi-detached homes are less expensive to build than detached houses, you have more space for your money. The shared wall often makes heating and cooling expenditures for semi-detached homes cheaper. The expense of maintenance might theoretically be divided into two, as can the actual effort required.

Another difference is that noise can easily be transferred in semi-detached houses. While there are semis with decent soundproofing, the walls in some of these residences might be thin. A gap in the dividing wall towards the top of the structure may also be discovered (in the attic).

Comparison Chart
  1. More indoor and outdoor space
Semi-detached houses are generally much smaller
  1. Cost more to purchase and maintain
They cost less to buy and maintain