Difference Between a Diploma and A Degree
By Laura Lee - July 15, 2023

Obtaining a four-year degree was once the most traditional way to begin a career. Today, however, with changing careers and jobs, there are more options to consider when looking for a new job. A diploma is one of these options.


A Diploma of Higher Education is a required vocational qualification for university or college students. A two-year full-time DipHE course is typically equivalent to the first two years of an undergraduate degree. As a result, it can sometimes be used to gain admission to the third year of a related degree course if a student wishes to pursue an undergraduate degree.

A degree is a higher education qualification in which you select a significant subject. This program provides a well-rounded education. It is a certificate awarded by a recognized university or college to a student for completing study in a field at a specific level.

Diploma vs. Degree

A Degree course is typically completed in 3 to 4 years and is offered by an autonomous institution, college, or university. For a Diploma, colleges usually provide these programs and take no more than two years to complete. A degree is a credential awarded to a university student for completing his studies in a field of study of his choice. A diploma is a certificate awarded by an educational institution to a student for successfully studying and completing a specific course.
Every year, admission to a degree program is made. On the other hand, admission to a diploma course is made yearly or semi-yearly, depending on the university or institution’s policies.

Diploma programs are typically less expensive than degree programs. Some degree programs are flexible, allowing students to switch majors after only a few months of study. A diploma, on the other hand, has no such option. Regarding employability, degree holders typically earn more than diploma holders.

Finally, Degrees are classified into four types: Bachelor, Master, Associate, and Doctoral. Diplomas are made available as either Graduate or postgraduate.

Comparison Chart
  1. Duration is about one or two years
Duration is at least three years
  1. They cost less
They can be very expensive