Difference between a Ford Ranger and Ford Maverick
By Rachel Jones - July 19, 2023

If you want a truck but don’t require a full-size pickup, the 2021 Ford Ranger and the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick are two excellent alternatives. You’ll notice a significant difference when you compare the 2022 Ford Ranger and Maverick trucks. The Ford Maverick is a small vehicle, whereas the Ranger is a medium truck. These two vehicles are built significantly differently, with the Ranger giving a conventional truck build and look, and the Maverick employing a unibody design. However, the differences between the two extend past their figures.


The Ranger is a mid-size truck that was recently reintroduced to the market. Although this truck only has one powerplant, it features the top payload statistics in the class and an off-road competent Tremor package. This truck can carry up to 1,905 pounds in the bed and tow up to 7,500 pounds, making it a capable vehicle for your journey. Cab choices include the huge SuperCrew with regular doors or the SuperCab with rear-hinged smaller doors.

The Maverick is a small, active four-door pickup truck constructed on a unibody basis. This truck offers two engine options, giving you additional driving possibilities. It features a 4.5-foot bed and a tailgate that can be adjusted. Between the FITS system and the numerous bed layouts, this truck can fulfill your demands in various ways.

 Ford shows off the 2022 yellow Maverick truck

Getty Images/ Getty Images News/ Scott Olson

Ranger vs. Maverick

Overall, the 2022 Maverick compact truck has a lower starting price and a standard entire hybrid powertrain. The mid-size 2021 Ranger offers two cab choices and a larger maximum towing capacity. The Ford Ranger is the vehicle for you if you want greater power, a higher ride height, and a bigger construction. The Ford Maverick is the pickup to drive if you need to haul 4,000 pounds or less and want a smooth-riding little vehicle with numerous configurations.

The Ranger has greater horsepower and towing capability than the Maverick but also has a standard full hybrid engine with an EPA-estimated 40-city MPG. The optional FX4 Package enhances the Built Ford Tough capabilities of both vehicles, while the tough Tremor Off-Road Package takes your Ranger to the next level.

Comparison Chart
  1. It is larger than the Maverick
It’s a smaller size and cheaper
  1. Higher towing capacity and horsepower
The standard full hybrid engine