Difference between a Lounge suit and a Business Suit
By Andrew Parker - July 21, 2023

Lounge suits are an essential staple in a masculine wardrobe, from weddings to interviews to everyday life. “What is a lounge suit?” you may be thinking, as this isn’t a phrase used commonly in the world today. The truth is that, over time, lounge suits have become very popular in fashion and style, likely even more than the business suit. The difference between the two might be a little hard to grasp.


The lounge suit first appeared in the nineteenth century. The business suit was the go-to everyday clothing, while the lounge suit was used as “casual wear” on weekends. Historically, a lounge suit jacket was cut shorter than a more formal business suit, and the pants were more tapered, giving the lounge suit a more informal appearance. Lounge suits were manufactured in brighter and more vibrant colors. Popular fabrics include flannel, thicker wool, and tweeds.
A business suit has a matching coat and pants, a coat and skirt, and a vest. A perfect formal suit matches and follows the fabric color, fit, and tie wear rules.

Lounge Suit vs. Business Suit

Suit jackets in modern tailoring are shorter than they were a few decades ago when business suit jackets were considerably longer than lounge suit jackets. On the other hand, a business suit will be a deeper grey or blue with a slight pinstripe or herringbone pattern. The color of a lounge suit will be stronger or lighter. This is the primary distinction between the two.

There is sometimes a slight difference in how lounge suit pants are cut: more tapered at the cuff and generally 2/3cm shorter than on a business suit. Finally, a lounge suit can be worn with a t-shirt and less formal smart-looking shoes, but a business suit is never to be worn this way.

Comparison Chart
  1. Are typically cut shorter than traditional business suits
Are longer than lounge suits
  1. They come in bolder and brighter colors
They are coolly colored