Difference Between a Ragdoll and a Persian Cat
By Rebecca Rodriguez - March 21, 2023

Certain cat breeds are often misunderstood, especially when they resemble one another. Two beautiful breeds, the Ragdoll and Persian, are an example of such breeds. You may wonder if they are related and what genetic and physical similarities they have. But also importantly, what are the differences?

Chart Summary
  1. Ragdolls have a lively personality
Tends to be more lackadaisical
  1. Likely to cost more.
Cost less on average than Ragdolls
Black- White Persian Kitten Looking at Camera

Getty images/Moment/ Kryssia Campos


The Ragdoll is considered to have evolved from the genetic influences of the Persian, Birman, and Burmese. The Ragdoll breed is one of the most recent, having been developed in the 1960s by a lady named Ann Baker.

The Persian cat is a long-haired breed of cat with a round face and a short snout. In English-speaking areas, it is commonly known as the “Persian Longhair.” Persian cats, which have been well recognized by cat fanciers since the late nineteenth century, were initially adopted by the English and then primarily by American breeders following World War II. Around 1620, the first known forebears of Persian cats were transported into Italy from Persia.

Ragdoll vs. Persian

The two breeds are exceptionally affectionate, caring, and laid-back cats. However, while Ragdolls are relatively peaceful compared to some other breeds, they are still the livelier of the two and need a more stimulating environment.
Persian fur is more challenging to keep than Ragdoll fur because it has a deep undercoat that requires more work to groom to prevent matting. Also, despite their similar heritage, Ragdolls are less prone to health problems than the

Persian breed. Persians are predisposed to polycystic kidney disease, bladder stones, hepatic shunts, and cystitis. They may also experience respiratory difficulties as a result of their flat face.
Persians are typically less expensive than Ragdolls in terms of price. Persian kittens cost between $500 and $3,000 on average, while Ragdolls cost between $1,000 and $2,000 on average.