Difference Between Apple Music And Spotify
By Laura Lee - December 5, 2021

While both Apple Music and Spotify are the two biggest music streaming platforms in the world, there are several differences between them. Each service has its own catalog and features – here are the major differences between the top music streaming platforms out there.

Table Summary

Apple MusicSpotify
Human-curated radio stationsAlgorithm-curated playlists
Free version only offers radio stationsFree, ad-supported version offers full catalog
Compatible with Apple,  Android and Echo devices, PCs and Sonos speakersCompatible with smartphones, PCs, cars, TVs, games consoles, smartwatches and more
Woman dancing and listening music in her kitchen

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If you would like to combine the songs you already own with your streaming service’s catalog, Apple Music might be the right platform for you. The platform also offers human-curated Beats 1 Radio stations which allow users to discover new music. Another advantage of Apple Music is the audio quality: it offers lossless audio and Dolby Atmos spatial audio support on select songs.

Spotify, on the other hand, offers more flexibility. It’s possible to use the platform across several different devices including smart speakers to game consoles and there is a free, ad-supported option if you do not wish to pay for the service. Besides, Spotify offers playlists curated by their recommendation algorithms based on the songs you love.

Apple Music VS Spotify

Apple Music and Spotify are the top music streaming services in the world for a reason: both offer extensive catalogs and useful features. While Apple Music offers human-curated radio stations, Spotify offers playlists curated by their recommendation algorithms based on users’ favorite songs.