Difference Between Baby Walkers and Bouncers
By Claire Miles - July 8, 2022

The first few months of an infant’s life are filled with many toys, and even though the pile will probably only keep increasing for the next few years, the ones within the first two years hold a lot of importance. Baby walkers and Bouncers are just as shiny as any toy. Still, the informed know that these two were designed to play a more critical role in the child’s development than amusement and, technically – containment.

Table Summary

Baby WalkersBouncers
Not for infants younger than six months.It is suitable for informants for as little as four months.
The infant can move freelyThe infant is sedentary,
Usage requires lots of spaceUsage doesn’t take up space
Portrait of baby boy in baby bouncer

Getty Images / Tetra images / Jessica Peterson


A baby walker is a circular contraption with four or more wheels that enables the baby to move quickly while sitting in a suspended seat at the center, requiring little effort on the infant’s part. Baby Walkers can be used at ages six months and above and come with a toy tray that features toys that the baby can grab and interact with without falling off.

A Baby Bouncer is a cloth-on-wire hammock structure that allows the baby to lie stationary in a slightly elevated position and slightly bounces whenever the baby gets restless, which could help calm it down. It is suitable for babies lesser than six months and could come with dangling toys overheard.

Baby Walker VS Baby Bouncer

The significant difference between a Baby Walker and a baby bouncer lies in mobility. Both structures allow the infant to be as rested as possible by sitting or lying down, but Walkers are more appropriate for active, older babies, while bouncers are sedentary. An important fact to note is that recently, Baby Walkers have been deemed unhelpful to infant development and do not help them work as previously believed. However, this doesn’t apply to baby bouncers, although prolonged use past certain ages and lengths of time is not advised.