Difference between Baseball and Cricket
By Lucila Bilenca - May 3, 2023

Baseball and Cricket are two pretty similar sports. Both are bat-and-ball games that both men and women enjoy. They do, however, contain significant distinctions. They have various rules, terminologies, and organizational structures. Despite this, it is believed that they have common roots. However, the two have evolved into distinct sports based on the original bat-and-ball duel.


Baseball is a team sport played by two teams of nine players each. It is a bat-and-ball sport in which a pitcher tosses (pitches) a hard, fist-sized, leather-covered ball toward an opposing batter.

Cricket is a team sport where two teams of eleven players compete. It is a bat-and-ball game played on a roughly oval grass field with a flat strip of ground 20.12 m (22 yards) long in the center called a pitch and two wickets, each guarded by a batsman.



Baseball vs. Cricket

Cricket is played worldwide, most notably in the United Kingdom, Southern Asia, Australia, and Africa. Baseball is played in fewer places, including the United States, Japan, and Cuba.

The player earns runs in Cricket by either running the length of the ‘wicket’ or striking the ball over the boundary rope. While similar in some ways, baseball scores by sprinting around the bases or hitting the ball beyond the designated fielding area. As previously said, this is especially significant since it implies that the layout of each playing field is unique.

The layout and size of the field are other significant differences between Cricket and baseball. The vast size of the fields is comparable in each scenario. On the other hand, baseball fields are often triangular in shape rather than the traditional cricket ‘oval’ shape.

Also, a baseball usually is more significant than a cricket ball, with a regulated circumference of 9 – 9.25 inches compared to 8.81 – 9 inches for a cricket ball. Still, cricket balls are slightly heavier. They weigh between 5.5 and 5.75 ounces, as opposed to 5 to 5.25 ounces for a baseball.

Finally, Cricket bats are flat, but baseball bats are round. Baseball has nine players, but Cricket has eleven. Baseball players hold the bat aloft, whereas cricket players hold the bat down.

Comparison Chart
  1. It is played in far fewer locations in the world
Widely played sport
  1. Triangle shaped field
Oval shaped field