Difference between Bed and Breakfast and Hotel
By Theydiffer - November 30, 2015

The travel industry is growing with every passing day and it has become very big as the world population is increasing and people are traveling more frequently. When people plan a trip to some other country or city, the most important thing they need to work out is the place where they will stay so that they are able to live comfortably even when they are away from home. Bed and breakfasts and hotels are some of the most popular choices for accommodation.


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A hotel is a place that has rooms for hire where people can stay especially when they are traveling. It can be defined as a place that provides food, lodging, and other services for paying guests. Hotels are often big and mostly part of an international chain and offer numerous other amenities and facilities like spa, gym, swimming pools, parking plus gaming and recreational activities to keep the guests entertained.

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On the other hand, a bed and breakfast is best defined as a small place which offers overnight accommodation and breakfast but no other meals. In most cases, bed and breakfasts are private or family homes that are not very big; they typically have between 4 to 11 rooms or less.

Also known as B&B’s, these bed and breakfasts are usually someone’s home and mostly it is the owner who is the manager and runs the establishment.

Bed and Breakfast vs Hotel

What is the difference between bed and breakfast and hotel? Often people are unable to differentiate between a bed and breakfast and a hotel and think of them simply as places meant for accommodation and leisure stay, but there is a big difference between the two.

The first and the most apparent difference between a bed and breakfast and a hotel is that of their size. While hotels are often huge, in fact some of the biggest ones have up to hundreds of rooms, bed and breakfasts are small and accommodate fewer people, offering limited amenities. In most cases, bed and breakfasts have up to a maximum of 10 or 11 rooms as they operate in a big house, and they may only have 3 or 4 rooms.

Another fact which distinguishes hotels from bed and breakfasts is that of ownership and the people employed to work in these establishments. Bed and breakfasts are mainly family run businesses and do not have a large staff as most of the people working there are family members. There will be no reception or concierge, but only a skeletal staff to address the guests’ needs. On the other hand, hotels generally employ a full time team which includes chefs, cleaners, receptionists, concierges and doormen along with numerous others to cater to the needs of their guests round the clock.

Bed and breakfasts are actually family houses that are rented out to visitors to supplement the family income and keep the house going, whereas hotels are specially constructed with a planned structure, opulence and magnificence to attract more and more visitors. In many cases, these hotels are a part of a group or chain of hotels which cater to business travelers as well as vacationers and offer a great time with their fabulous amenities and comforts.

Another big difference between bed and breakfasts and hotel is that of their prices. While bed and breakfasts are much more affordable, hotels are expensive in comparison. The better the hotel is or the higher it is rated nationally or internationally, the higher room rates it will charge its guests.

Unless it is a very expensive luxury establishment, a hotel may provide a somewhat sterile and businesslike environment as they are too big to offer personal attention to every guest, whereas in bed and breakfasts, guests may get a chance to sit together and enjoy meals or tea together with the other guests, just like a family, as the number of people is limited.

Comparison Chart

Bed and BreakfastHotel
A bed and breakfast is a small establishment which is usually run by family members.A hotel is a big establishment which is usually owned by a large corporate group and run by professional people.
A stay at a bed and breakfast includes the breakfast in the room rent.In hotels, the breakfast may cost extra, but other meals, including room service, are usually available.
Bed and breakfasts are homes away from home as they offer the traditional bedrooms and homemade breakfast as per the guests’ choice.Hotels provide corporate amenities and convenient locations such as the center of the city or proximity to the airport and they are meant for convenient and fast living.
Bed and breakfasts offer a cozy and homely environment as they are run by people who own the house and they treat guests as their family members, looking after their every need.Big city hotels tend to offer a sterile and corporate environment where everything is run professionally and according to a set pattern.
Bed and breakfasts are affordable and they charge reasonable room rents.Hotels are expensive and the room rates are charged depending on its reputation and the facilities it offers.
Bed and breakfasts do not have a reception desk and concierge because they are not big or commercial entities.Hotels have a round the clock reception desk and concierge and employ full time staff with specific roles to cater to the influx of people coming and going all the time.