Difference between Beer and Wine
By Theydiffer - August 12, 2015

The two most popular alcoholic beverages, by far, are beer and wine. Wine has always had a dedicated following of connoisseurs, and recent surges in popularity of craft beer have ensured continued interest in beer. What are the main differences between these beverages? This article will help explain.


Red, white and rosé wines (from left to right)

Wine is a beverage made with fermented fruits, usually grapes. The process of making wine is called winemaking. The grapes are crushed, releasing juice, and the juice is converted into alcohol during the fermentation process. Wine is usually not carbonated during the winemaking process, but wine with added carbon dioxide is sometimes made, and it is called sparkling wine. Wine, like beer, is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in human history. The three basic kinds of wine are red wine, white wine, and rosé wine, all three of which are pictured above.

Comparison chart

Made with hops, barley, and yeastMade with fruits, e.g. grapes
Made by a process of brewingMade by a process of winemaking (basic fermentation)
CarbonatedNot carbonated

Beer vs Wine

What is the difference between beer and wine? The main differences are in the brewing process, the brewing ingredients, and whether or not the beverage is carbonated.

Beer is made with hops, barley, yeast, and sometimes other ingredients e.g. spices and fruit. Wine, however, is made with fruits.

How wine and beer are made differ significantly as well. Wine has a more simple process. Wine is made by fermenting the juice of crushed fruits and then bottling the beverage, whereas beer is made by turning grains e.g. barley into a mash, brewing the mash with hops and spices, and then letting the mash ferment with the addition of yeast.

Additionally, wine is not carbonated. Carbonated wines exist, known as sparkling wine, but regular wines are not carbonated. Beer, however, is always carbonated.