Difference Between Biscuits and Cookies
By Claire Miles - March 14, 2022

Biscuits and cookies have one thing in common; they’re both delicious, that’s for sure. However, these tasty snacks differ in their various ways. A biscuit is a delicious, crumbly baked good in many parts of North America. Browned on the outside and soft on the inside, these biscuits are vastly different from English biscuits. They are closer to what we consider an English scone. “Cookie” originates from the Dutch word ‘koekje’ meaning ‘little cake”. These little cakes were initially made to test the temperature of an oven before baking a real cake!

Table Summary

It requires hard doughIt requires soft dough
It contains less sugar than cookiesIt contains more sugar than biscuits
Are fluffier and lighter than cookiesIt weighs more than biscuits.
Most add-ons like chocolate drizzles usually occur after baking.Most add-ons occur during the preparation process before baking.
Thinner than cookies and not as moist but have a grainy texture.Moister and fatter than biscuits


Biscuits are readily available worldwide. These sweet treats are now available in various flavors, including whole-grain and tasty varieties. They are made with only a few components, the most important of which are flour, sugar, and butter.

For most people, the cookies make a crunchy, delicious snack. While wheat is the most common primary ingredient, other main ingredients like oats can also be used. They also contain more components, resulting in a greater variety of flavors. Because they have substantial parts, they require more time to bake. Other ingredients, such as chocolate and raisins, can be added to the dough to make them more delicious.

Biscuits VS Cookies

Biscuits and cookies differ mainly in how they’re made and their add-ons. Cookies have a soft, thick dough, similar to cake, and are denser than an English biscuit. Cookies are larger, softer, and chunkier than their biscuit counterparts when they’re done. Before you bake a cookie, inclusions like chocolates, raisins, etc., are frequently added to the batter to give it a dense texture. After they’ve been baked, cookies are rarely adorned on the outside.