Difference between Blog and Wiki
By Theydiffer - December 6, 2015

The Internet has had a tremendous impact on the development of our society. Almost every business now has a web-site, and it’s getting hard to find a household that has no Internet access. When you spend a considerable amount of time surfing the web, you need to understand how websites differ in terms of their size, purpose and content. Today we will discuss some differences between a blog and a wiki.


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  • For education purposes blogs are the right choice in the case of individual projects, and wikis are indispensable if student collaboration is required.
  • The world’s most popular blogging platform is WordPress, while wikis are based mainly on Media Wiki engine from Wikimedia. WordPress has a lot of design templates and plugins; it’s highly customizable. Wiki platforms don’t offer such a variety of designs and technical modifications. That’s why there is an abundance of blog designs, while most wiki-based websites look alike.
  • To add new articles to blogs you need to know the basics of HTML, whereas wikis need you to know wiki syntax, which is a bit simpler than HTML. However, modern platforms of both types are nowadays equipped with easy-to-use visual editors.