Difference Between Chamomile and Daisies
By Laura Lee - March 2, 2022

We have all heard of daisies. We have all heard of chamomile. In fact, you have probably even had some delicious chamomile tea at some point. For most of us, though, these two beautiful flowers look very similar to each other – causing us to believe that they are the same. Well, are they at least related? How can you tell them apart? Keep reading to find out.

Table Summary

Flowers bloom in pink, peach, red, orange, yellow, white, blue, purple, green, and bi-colors.Flowers bloom in white, yellow and purple
Petals fan straight outwardsAs pollen buds grow taller, petals move downward
Pollen buds can be yellow, orange, purple, pink, red, brown, green, blue or peachYellow or orange pollen buds
Chamomile flowers

Getty Images / Moment / Jacky Parker Photography


Just like daisies, chamomile flower petals initially fan straight outward – but as their pollen buds grow taller, their petals begin to tilt downward making the buds look more pronounced. Chamomile flowers bloom in white, yellow and purple, while their pollen buds can be yellow or orange. Growing about 9 inches tall, chamomile flowers tend to be around 4 inches across.

Blooming in a variety of colors such as pink, peach, purple, red, orange, yellow, white, green and blue, daisy flower petals fan straight outward. Their flower heads vary in size, measuring up to 8 inches across. While most types of daisies grow between 1 and 3 feet tall, some species can be as short as 18-24 inches and some hybrid species can be as tall as 12 feet.

Daisies VS Chamomile

Both daisies and chamomile grow naturally across North America, but although they do look very similar they are two completely different species. While daisies are usually a lot taller than chamomile, their pollen buds are not as pronounced as chamomile. Although both produce yellow and orange pollen buds, some species of daisies can also create purple, red, pink, brown, blue, green, and peach-colored buds.