Difference Between Deer Mice And Mouse Deer
By Claire Miles - December 11, 2021

Although these two animals have really similar names, they are completely different animals. The most obvious one is that while the deer mouse is a rodent, the mouse deer small even-toed ungulate. Keep reading to find out the other differences between a mouse deer and a deer mouse.

Table Summary

Mouse deerDeer mouse
Small ungulateRodent


Peromyscus, also known as deer mice, are New World mice distantly related to the common house and laboratory mouse. These rodents areĀ used in the study of infectious diseases, as well as chromosomes, genetics, ecology, population genetics, conservation, and evolution in general. These small rodents are also used in the research of aging and repetitive-movement disorders.

Java mouse-deer, on the other hand, are the smallest hoofed animals in the world. Found in the forests of Java and Bali, they grow to the size of a rabbit when reaching maturity. Male Java mouse-deer have tusks-like canines which they use to defend themselves and their mates against rivals.

Mouse Deer VS Deer Mouse

With an average length of 18 in, the Java mouse-deer is the smallest living hoofed animal in the world. The deer mouse, on the other hand, is a small rodent used in scientific research.