Difference between Economy and Business Class in International Flights
By Theydiffer - December 17, 2015

International flights often consume 5 hours or more, extending to as long as 10 hours.  This is a long time for anyone to sit continuously. It leaves you exhausted and jet-lagged. And so you look for an airline that could provide you comfort in abundance. This is the exact factor that mainly differentiates a business class from an economy class in international airlines. A seat in business class ensures you that level of comfort you desire. But of course, it costs significantly more than  economy class.

Business class is far different from economy or coach class when it comes to the facilities it provides. Let’s learn more about these two travel classes.


Booking a seat in the economy class in an international airline, you get a seat with recline and a fold-down table. In this class, the seat pitch may vary from 29 to 36 inches. In some airlines, it may be 30–32 in, while in some others, it may be between 30 and 36 in.

International economy class seats come with an airsickness bag in front, in flight magazine, and a safety card. With every airline, the amenities offered may vary. Some flights may offer you the blanket, headphones, and amenities bag facilities. More often than not, a main screen may be there or each seat may have its individual screen with a video on demand option.

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As expected, business class is more comfortable than economy class, especially in a long haul flight. Business class seats in these airlines mostly contain ‘lie flat’ seats for the utmost comfort of passengers. Formerly only a first class seat provided this service.  At present, however, business class segregates its seats into three categories, including cradled seats, flat seats, and angled lie flat seats.

The additional perks may include the increased staff to passenger ratio, variety in meals and drinks. You can enjoy your personal TV screen, larger in size as compared to that in the economy class. And this may not be the only thing, your washroom may be equipped with ritzy toiletries too.

Economy vs Business Class in International Flights

Of course, one key difference between the economy class and the business class on an international flight is the level of comfort offered to customers. The second difference lies in the space provided in terms of seating. Seats in the economy class are less spacious than those in the business class. The leg room is more in business class.

As you explore further, you will find more luxuries in the international business class than the international economy class. For instance, business class would offer you either a seat recline from 150 degrees to flat, or cradle, or angled seats. Many people fly for business purposes, and thus require travelling in business class to remain relaxed and fresh after the long voyage. Economy class is less comfortable and usually leaves you tired, with its lesser seat recline and seat pitch.

Comparison Chart

International Economy Class International Business Class
It provides limited facilities and less comfort.It provides better amenities with some perks.
It costs you less than business class.It charges much more than the economy class seat.
The seat space and leg room are less than that in business class.The seats are wider and there is more leg room is, with a fully flat seat option often available.