Difference between English and British Bulldog
By Theydiffer - January 27, 2016

Some dog owners are confused with the terms English and British Bulldog. In fact, these are two names that pertain to the same breed of dog and so actually they have no differences. With respect to their names though, there are a few reasons why both terms are currently used.


English Bulldog/British Bulldog – Most commonly known simply as the bulldog, it is a medium-sized breed of a dog that is loved and adored by many. It is a wide, muscular, heavy dog with a distinctive pushed-in nose on a wrinkled face.

  • Appearance – The English/British bulldog is a compact dog with short legs. Unlike the American bulldog, it has a body and a head with massive extra skin on both the skull and forehead falling in folds. It also has drooping lips, pointed teeth, and sometimes an underbite. Its coat is short, curly flat, with colors that can go from red, white, brindle, piebald, pale yellow, and fawn or a combination of these colors. Standards in the United Kingdom set the weight for a male to be at 50 lbs. and a female to be at 40 lbs. In the United States however, a mature male should weigh 45-55 lbs and a mature female 45 lbs. A bulldog is also one of the few breeds that have a natural short, straight or screwed tail and therefore do not have to get it cut or docked (cutting or removing portions of an animal’s tail with the purpose of prophylactic, therapeutic, or cosmetic effect). The muzzle of a bulldog is wide, short and often has large nostrils.
  • Temperament – Although a bulldog sounds to be a fierce dog, it is actually one of the gentlest (due to breeding). According to the AKC or American Kennel Club, a bulldog is supposed to be equable and kind, resolute, and courageous. They should not be vicious or aggressive. With these standards, the breeders have worked to lessen and possibly remove the aggression from these dogs. Today, it is one dog breed that is highly recognized as an excellent family pet because of their strong bonds with children. They also are loyal and will practically not venture out of the owner’s yard unless accompanied by their owners or friendly faces. While they are one of the most recommended pet dogs, they are quite passive as they will most likely fall asleep on someone’s lap, rather than chasing and playing with a ball around the yard. They can also be energetic; it will all depend on how the bulldog was trained.

In regards to their two different names, English bulldog vs British bulldog, some people use the word “English” or “British”  simply for the qualification to help the uninitiated differentiate between bulldogs and other bulls like bull mastiffs. Also, English bulldog seems to be the more recognized name now-a-days while the name “British Bulldog” seems to be outdated.

Comparison Chart

English BulldogBritish Bulldog
Name used to differentiate between bulldogs and other bullsName used to differentiate between bulldogs and other bulls
More commonly used (aside from bulldog)Outdated