Difference Between Facebook and Twitter
By Laura Lee - March 9, 2023

Before Twitter’s boom in popularity, Facebook was a huger platform. It remains so till today. Despite the rise in social media platforms, Facebook is a big contender in communication technology platforms. This is why its popularity is often frequently compared to Twitter. However, many factors make each unique.

Chart Summary
  1. An information-oriented microblogging platform aimed at sharing information quickly
A people-oriented platform aimed at connecting friends, family or common-interest groups
  1. Over 560 million registered users
About 1.15 Billion registered users
Person holding phone tweeting



Facebook is an online social media and networking service owned by the American company Meta. Mark Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook in 2004 with fellow Harvard College classmates. Accessible via Internet-connected devices such as personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. After registration, individuals may construct a profile that includes personal information. They may openly exchange text, photographs, and video with other users who have consented to be their “friend” or, depending on the privacy settings. Users may also use Facebook Messenger to connect directly with one another, join common-interest groups, and receive updates about the actions of their Facebook friends and the pages they follow.

Twitter is a microblogging and social networking website owned by Twitter, Inc., where users publish and engage with messages known as “tweets.” Twitter was founded in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams and debuted in July of that year. Registered users can publish, like, and retweet tweets. However, unregistered users can only view public tweets. Users can access Twitter via browser or mobile frontend applications or programmatically via its APIs. Before April 2020, services could only be accessed by SMS.

Facebook vs. Twitter

Facebook connects people, but Twitter connects ideas and subjects. Facebook permits long-form written content produced for its users, but Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters. Hashtags are used on Facebook and Twitter to organize thoughts and subjects.

However, hashtags are Twitter-inspired concepts that Facebook adopted. Users may Like or Share something on Facebook. Twitter’s call to action is to follow an account, while Facebook permits following from friends. It mainly focuses on getting likes.

You may reconnect with old elementary school pals or a high school love interest on Facebook. You may access the most recent trending topics on Twitter, such as the Oscars, News, Celebrity Stories, and more. This is why many believe Facebook is more people-oriented than Twitter.