Difference Between Fiber and Cotton Pillows
By Laura Lee - July 16, 2022

There are little addendums to the home that initially seems like a no-hassle decision when we finally get around to them, but they surprise us. Pillows are integral to the quality and quantity of sleep we get, a metric of our general well-being. Fibre and cotton are two common pillow materials that tend to have wide variations in feeling and the kind of management they both require.

Table Summary

Fiber pillowsCotton pillows
It is made from hypoallergenic synthetic materials.It is sourced from natural sources that might be allergic to some
Easy to clean and durableIt might attract dust or mites and form lumps over time.
It might be uncomfortable in warm weather.It remains soft and comfortable no matter the weather
Costs less on an averageCosts more on an average


Fibre pillows are made of polyester fibres or more synthetic materials such as Microfibers and ‘gel’ marketed for their hypoallergenic qualities. Depending on how much latex is removed and how fluffed the material is, they exist in different categories.

Cotton pillows are made from more natural materials, especially cotton, although other materials such as silk and wool can be added to improve the feeling.

Fiber VS Cotton

Fibre pillows tend to be firm and springy, as polyester is a type of plastic, while cotton pillows tend to be soft and more pliable. The softness of Cotton pillows might not last long, however, as the cotton fillings might lump up and harden over time. It is also believed that cotton pillows are not suited for people who sleep on their sides, although there is little credibility to this. Fibre Pillows are also chosen for their hypoallergenic properties. They are proper for people allergic to natural fibres like cotton and wool. Fibre pillows are also easily washable and dry quickly, while cotton pillows retain moisture for longer, making them perfect options for hot sleepers or people in warmer climates. Due to the sourcing of natural fibres, good cotton pillows tend to be pricier than fibre pillows.