Difference Between Flowchart and Algorithm
By Claire Miles - August 19, 2022

Algorithms and flowcharts are two processes used in computer programming to construct various systems. However, the intersection of their functions might confuse them as the same thing. Keep reading to understand the difference between them.

Table Summary

Complex and time-consuming to set upIt is easier to assemble
Makes use of symbols, shapes, and patternsIt is written in readable text form
It simply requires common knowledge to be understood.Experts can only interpret it
Errors are easy to debugDebugging errors can be challenging
Branches and loops are readily displayed on flowchartsCannot easily illustrate branches and loops
Solutions are displayed in graphical formatSolutions are displayed in semi-programming language.
User friendlyNot User friendly
Employed to illustrate a concept simplyEmployed to analyze, document, and maintain a program
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A set of rules/instructions defining a work to be executed by a computer program step-by-step to achieve the desired results is called an algorithm.

A flowchart diagram is a graphical representation of the stages involved in running a program. Flowcharts allow the programmer to see the individual pieces of a program, which aids in step analysis and comparison. Complex procedures are thus made easier to grasp. For this demonstration, many geometric designs are employed.

Flowcharts VS Algorithm

Put, the Flowchart is the graphical form of an algorithm. To understand the logic, Algorithms employ human-readable techniques. As a result, they are easier to understand and can assist in breaking down significant problems into manageable chunks. However, they do not clearly show branches and loops in the program. The summary nature of Jumping in algorithms also makes tracing problems difficult. Algorithms are also challenging to debug. Although time-consuming and complex, Flowcharts enable efficient analysis, coding, documentation, and project management. It also makes thorough debugging possible.