Difference Between Frontend and Backend
By Claire Miles - May 7, 2022

Frontend Development and Backend Development are two standard terms in the technological industry, specifically in the Software Engineering niche of web and app development. There are numerous job descriptions related to computers and technology, and the terms keep increasing as the field progresses. However, Frontend and Backend are two terms that have probably existed since the beginning of modern-day web development that still might seem confusing to some.

Table Summary

Frontend DevelopmentBackend Development
Pertain to the functions that the site’s user interacts with, such as the features and commandsFocuses on building and maintaining the interaction between the server, the database, and the application or website. These are not visible to the user
Programming Languages include CSS, HTML, JavaScript and jQueryProgramming Languages include Python, JAVA, and PHP
A Frontend Developer can work as a web designer, Frontend designer, or UI/UX designer, among othersBackend Developers work as Software developers, JAVA Developers, or Fullstack Developers


Frontend Development is the part that focuses on what is known as the User Interface (UI): the coder, who is known as a Frontend Developer, is tasked with creating the elements and features that the user will interact with. The developer has to make sure that the ‘buttons’ on the website are functional and in tip-top condition.

Backend Development, on the other hand, is concerned with communicating the actions that take place on the site or app to its database.

Frontend Vs. Backend

The two aspects of web developers use different tools and cater to different functionalities, even though they work hand-in-hand. Frontend developers can go by many other titles such as UI/UX designers or simply web designers. Backend developers are also (almost in contrast) known as web developers and programmers. The two also use different tools or programming languages. Examples of Frontend Programming languages are CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery. On the other hand, Backend Development makes use of programming languages such as JAVA, Python, PHP, and .Net.