Difference between Full Mattress and Queen Mattress

June 2, 2016 by Editorial Team

People of different living, sleeping, or physical conditions need to carefully consider their situation before purchasing a mattress. If you are concerned about having a regular satisfactory sleep experience and are choosing between a full mattress and a queen mattress, it may help to understand their basic differences.


Full mattress

A full mattress, also called a double mattress, is 53 to 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. Since it is only 15 inches wider than the smallest size (twin/single), it may still be too small a space for two adults to share. Also, the limitation in length may not be ideal for men. This size is advisable for single sleepers who are below 5 feet 5 inches tall. Parents usually opt to get this size for their children or teenagers.

queen mattress
Queen mattress

A queen mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. The added inches in width and length make it a comfortable enough bed for couples to sleep in. In fact, it is currently the most commonly used mattress size. This size is advisable for small master bedrooms, guest rooms, couples that prefer to stay closer together during sleep, and also taller single sleepers who tend to extend their limbs in every which way.


It is clear from the descriptions provided above that the basic difference between a full mattress and a queen mattress is their dimensions. These differences in measurement according to width and length are one of the factors that determine the level of comfort experienced by a person or people during sleep.

Comparison Chart

Full MattressQueen Mattress
54” x 75”60” x 80”