Difference between Gender fluid and Bi-gender

Updated on December 6, 2015

Gender fluid and bi-gender are the terms that describe sexual identities that do not fit in the traditional division of gender identities. There is a difference between gender fluid and bi-gender and we will take a look at it in this article.


Gender fluid
The gender of God in Hinduism is sometimes visualized as both a male and a female being

An individual is considered gender fluid if he cannot identify with either male or female gender. The sexual identity of a gender fluid individual is permanently in flux. It is as though an individual may feel he is “a woman” at some point, and the next moment he feels he is “a man.” Gender fluid persons usually remain as such for the rest of their lives. Gender fluid persons do not feel they are “lost” in terms of their identity. They do not have cognitive problems and problems with long term memory, like multiple personality disorder sufferers have. Their feminine or masculine traits that manifest themselves at  different points still belong to the same “entity” of an individual. Being gender fluid is not related either to the type of genitalia one is born with, or to a sexual orientation.

David Bowie has a bi-gender identity
A famous British singer, musician and actor David Bowie has a bi-gender identity

An individual is considered bi-gender if he has two sexual identities – male and female. That is, depending on the circumstances, a person may behave and feel like a gender male or a gender female. The choice as to how to behave is left entirely to a bi-gender person. The periods of time of “shifts” of a particular gender identity vary from person to person, and may last from several hours to several years. Bi-gender identity is not found to be connected to the set of genitals one has. It is estimated that there are as many persons with female genitalia as those with male genitalia who are bi-gender.

Comparison chart

Gender fluidBigender
Shifting identityEither male or female identity

Gender fluid vs Bigender

What is the difference between gender fluid and bi-gender?

Gender fluid individuals at no point feel they are a man or a woman. It is as though their gender is “discontinuous.” If you asked such a person who he is, a man or a woman, he wouldn’t be able to answer honestly. Bi-genders, on the other hand, at any point know which gender identity they are identified with, and behave accordingly.

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