Difference between Gold and Silver Tequila
By Theydiffer - June 13, 2015

Tequila is a unique category of alcoholic drinks because of its elements. With the main ingredient being a whole bunch of concentrated sugars, mostly in the form of fructose, tequila is derived from the blue agave plant. In order to discern the difference between the two blends of tequila, this article specifies comparisons you might not be aware of.


Tequila is the name given to a distilled beverage that is made from a plant known as the blue agave plant. This plant is mostly found in the city of Tequila that is located in Mexico. It is considered as the national drink of Mexico.

This beverage is then produced in two categories, namely silver and gold brands.

Gold tequila, commonly called joven tequila, is a brand of tequila that colorants and flavorings are added to prior to bottling. Many tequila tipplers consider gold tequila expensive compared to silver tequila. The golden color in gold tequila results from the colorant used; a colorant being a pigment that is added to something to cause color change.

The Silver Tequila, also known as blanco or white tequila, is a blue agave spirit presented in its purest form. Because of the pure and un-matured nature of silver tequila, it can be used for shots or mixed drinks. The true flavors and the intensity of the agave present give it its natural sweetness.

Comparison chart

Silver tequilaGold tequila
Bottled in its purest formColor and flavor are added
Has a natural harsh tasteHas a sweet scented taste
Bottled directly after distillationIs matured for some time before bottling
Contains low percentages of the agave plantContains a high percentage of the agave plant
Is best when used in cocktailsHas a smooth taste and is best drunk directly in shots

Gold vs Silver Tequila

What is the difference between gold and silver tequila?

  • Whereas silver tequila is bottled in its purest form, giving it a pure appearance that looks like water, gold tequila is given a gold caramel hue, hence its golden appearance. This coloring can be matured in wooden barrels over some time, resulting in the tequila absorbing color and flavoring from the wood.
  • The silver tequila has a more natural taste whereas the gold tequila has a sweeter and smoother taste.
  • Silver tequila is bottled directly after being distilled while gold tequila is matured for some period of time for it to gain its distinctive qualities.
  • Silver tequila contains a low percentage of the agave plant and a higher percentage of natural sugars while gold tequila is known for containing high percentages of the agave plant, sometimes up to one hundred percent, although this is rare.
  • Silver tequila is best for use in cocktails, whereas gold tequila is mostly drunk straight owing to its smooth taste that is a contrast to the harsh taste of silver tequila.