Difference between Hotel and Resort
By Theydiffer - December 17, 2015

Considering hotels or resorts, both kinds of establishments are meant to serve you on a temporary basis. Yet each is rather different from each other. While a hotel provides comfort and luxury in terms of lodgings to its guests, a resort provides comfortable lodgings as well as space for relaxation and recreation. In everything ranging from the services they offer, the sites they are located at, and the activities they include, the two establishments are unlike each other.


When it comes to a hotel, both meals and accommodations are available to you until you check out. Be it a wedding or a conference, anything may require you to stay overnight in a hotel if you are nowhere nearby your home. Even if you want to stay just for a change, hotels welcome you. Most of the time, a hotel will be located in a busy site such as close to a railway station or commercial center. A hotel may be built individually or inside a resort.

A resort is a place where alongside meals and accommodation, recreation and repose are also provided. This means that a resort offers a plus over the amenities a hotel provides. From food to rooms to entertainment and relaxation facilities like spas and swimming pools, a resort includes everything, for example a winter resort could offer skiing. It may surprise you to find that you can often even shop in a resort. Some people  choose resorts over hotels for enjoying all  the recreational activities they offer.

Hotel vs Resort

What’s the difference between hotel and resort? The first and foremost thing that differentiates a hotel from a resort is the land that they acquire to be built on. More often than not, you would find a resort built on a huge space, for it contains a large number of rooms and other amenities, say a golf course or a hotel. On the contrary, a hotel needs barely an area that could contain the hotel building and the parking area. Normally it is on a highway in a place people can easily reach.

Among the many other differences come the discounts and perks offered by the two kinds of establishments. In a hotel, you get a free newspaper, breakfast and even access to Wifi, whereas a resort offers you something substantially more than that. With a resort, you sometimes also have the benefit of a shuttle service from or to an airport. Discounted tickets to renowned tourist spots and discounts on eateries are an add-on.

Comparison Chart

A hotel provides its guests meals and accommodation only.Apart from lodgings and meals, a resort has spaces for relaxation and recreation too.
Hotels are for short-term stays. However, this can depend on the purpose of your stay.Resorts are for long-term stays such as during your family vacation.
Hotels are situated in popular areas such as close to an airport or downtown.Resorts are located in mesmerizing surroundings.