Difference Between Hotels and Airbnbs
By Claire Miles - March 28, 2022

These two major forces in the hospitality business create a healthy rivalry that nearly always favors the consumer. For example, suppose you want to have the best possible stay in your destination. In that case, all it takes is approximately thirty minutes to an hour of research to choose a spot that will undoubtedly provide you with beautiful experiences. Airbnb offers a more customized experience (both good and bad). In contrast, hotels provide a wide choice of services based on your accommodation type.

Table Summary

Hotels are more expensiveAirbnbs are cheaper
Typically include room service, towel service, dry cleaning, fitness rooms. You don’t need to think about any other thing.There’s usually no room service or dry cleaning service.
Generally safer as most hotels have security measures in placeWith Airbnbs, you have to make provisions for your own security
Hotels are great for sightseeing as they’re usually located at strategic locations in the city.This is dependent on the location
Hotel experiences are mostly generic with no personal touchExperiences are more personalized with Airbnbs.


Since its inception in 200b, Airbnb has established itself as the largest peer-to-peer hospitality service. Airbnb’s business strategy revolves around a marketplace where hosts and guests trade housing for money. In addition, guests and hosts can access reviews and social media links throughout the application process, which helps to establish confidence among marketplace members.

On the other hand, a  typical hotel room includes a bed, bathroom, and closet, all of which vary in comfort levels. In addition, hotels can be restrictive for families or groups on vacation, whereas apartments can accommodate more.

Hotels VS Airbnbs

When deciding between an Airbnb and a hotel, travelers need to consider several factors. With hotels, you get immediate help if you run into any issues during your stay. On the other hand, an Airbnb is like an apartment, so you have to cater for your food, dry cleaning, safety, etc. Hotels are generally more expensive than Airbnbs, but Airbnb can be quite pricey in some cases. The price is dependent on the owner, city, and amenities offered.