Difference between Iced Coffee and Iced Latte
By Theydiffer - January 14, 2016

If on a hot day you need an energetic yet refreshing drink, and iced coffee or iced latte are great options. You can easily prepare both of these drinks at home yourself. There are some differences between the two iced drinks and we will discuss them in this article.


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Iced coffee is a beverage made with coffee and water. Iced coffee is usually served in glasses. The recipe for iced coffee is seemingly simple basically due to the only two ingredients one needs to make it. There are nuances of the process of making a good iced coffee, though.

Some people make iced coffee by simply making regular coffee and putting the cup in the fridge until it cools. This is not the preferable way to make a classic iced coffee. We will describe a proper process below.

A simple iced coffee recipe

  1. The ratio is very important for making proper iced coffee. To four cups of water you will need six tablespoons of strong coffee granules.
  2. The proper way to make iced coffee is to heat water in a pot until it is warm to the touch (around 90 degrees Fahrenheit). On average, it will take around 30 seconds to warm water up to the appropriate temperature. Pour warm water over coffee granules and cover it tightly with a plastic wrap. Then leave the mix alone for 8 hours.
  3. After 8 hours, take a pitcher and pour slowly your mix through a filter into the pitcher.
  4. Take a large glass filled with ice and pour your mix into the glass. Leave a little bit of room on top of the glass.
  5. Sweeten your iced coffee with either a little bit of syrup or superfine sugar (regular sugar doesn’t dissolve quickly in iced drinks.)
  6. Add a little bit of milk on top of mix to your taste.
  7. Take a straw and stir the mix up.

Your glass of iced coffee is ready.

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Recipes for iced latte differ from country to country. In the United States, iced latte usually refers to the coffee drink, which consists of shot of espresso mixed with chilled milk, while both ingredients are poured over ice. The difference between regular hot latte and iced latte is that the former is made with steamed milk. The espresso for iced latte is sometimes frozen in advance to make sure the coffee is not warm.

A recipe for an Easy Iced Latte

When you are in a rush and you need refreshment, you do not want to spend too much time making your iced latte.

The key to making a glass of easy iced latte is to use instant coffee.

  1. Fill the glass with two to three ounces of water.
  2. Take one packet of prepackaged instant coffee. You can use one teaspoon of instant coffee. Put instant coffee into the water. In such a small amount of water, coffee will be extremely strong, somewhat like a shot of espresso. Take a spoon and stir the mixture around, so that all the instant coffee dissolves in the water.
  3. Always keep a cup of ice prepared in your freezer. Take a cup of ice and pour your strong coffee mixture over it.
  4. Take milk, any kind of milk you like. Add the milk to the top of the glass. Stir the mix with a spoon until all the ingredients blend well.
  5. For extra flavor and sweetness, add sugar free syrup or regular syrup. You can try maple syrup. It goes really well with an iced latte because maple syrup blends well with the coffee flavor.

Your easy glass of iced latte is ready.

Comparison chart

Iced CoffeeIced Latte
Can be made without milkCold milk is a necessary ingredient
Is usually made with a granule coffeeIs sometimes made with instant coffee
The blending process can take up to 8 hoursCan be made in a couple of minutes

Iced Coffee vs Iced Latte

What is the difference between Iced Coffee and Iced Latte?

  • Iced coffee can be prepared without milk. Milk is added to the drink only if you prefer it. Iced latte, on the other hand, by definition uses milk as a key ingredient. “Latte” in Italian means “milk.”
  • Any coffee fan will tell you that you shouldn’t make iced coffee using instant coffee. On the other hand, iced latte can be made using a simple instant coffee as we showed you in the recipe above. Iced latte is a “fast-made” drink, with milk as a key feature.
  • For making a good cup of iced coffee, water and coffee granules are better blended and left for several hours. The ingredients of iced latte, on the other hand, can be blended while you stir them in your cup. A couple of minutes and your iced latte is ready.