Difference Between Jackfruit And Durian
By Andrew Parker - December 9, 2021

If you always thought that jackfruit and durian were the same fruit, you are not alone. Although both fruits look extremely similar, they are not even related. They are both tropical fruits but while jackfruit is related to figs and mulberries, durian is more closely related to the mallows.

Table Summary

Shorter tree (up to 80 ft)Taller tree (up to 150 ft)
Larger fruitSmaller fruit
Pale yellow fleshYellow, pink, red, or white flesh
Jackfruits For Sale In Market

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Native to the western portion of the Ghats Mountains in southern India, jackfruit trees can reach up to 80 feet and produce 10 to 200 jackfruits each year. Their fruits grow on the tree trunk and can grow up to 3 ft long and weigh up to 110 pounds – meaning they’re not only larger than durians but are the largest of all tree fruits. Their flesh is pale yellow, similar to the hue of a banana.

Durian trees can stretch up to 150 feet tall and their fruits emerge from along their branches. They are believed to have originated from Sumatra and Borneo and produce between 15 and 800 durians a year. Their flesh can be light yellow, pink, red, or white.

Jackfruit VS Durian

While most people believe durian and jackfruit are the same fruit, there are many differences between the two. The taste of the jackfruit is usually compared to Juicy Fruit gum – that is, a mixture of apple, banana, mango, and pineapple. Durian, on the other hand, is both sweet and savory – and sometimes a little salty. It’s taste has been compared to that of scrambled eggs, sweet cheese, and a garlic-caramel mix.