Difference Between Lemonade and Pink Lemonade
By Claire Miles - May 29, 2023

cold lemonade is a refreshing, all-natural drink you can easily make at home with water, lemons, and sugar for your enjoyment in the warmer months. Lemonade also offers specific health advantages. Lemon juice contains vitamin C, iron, B6, magnesium, and calcium. Lemonade is a healthier alternative to most sports drinks and soda. Pink lemonade and lemonade are nearly identical drinks, except that pink has extra sugar, coloring, or other fluids.


Lemonade is made using water, lemon juice, and sugar. Depending on how much juice you add, it might be yellow or foggy. Because they add color, premade lemonade mixes seem more yellow than homemade lemonade. Powdered and liquid lemonade mixes contain largely lemon and sugar, although they may also contain coloring and other preservation agents.

Pink lemonade is made by starting with ordinary lemonade and then adding extra sugar and color. Other red liquids or food coloring, such as grenadine, can be used for color. Add cherry, cranberry, grapefruit, raspberry, or strawberry to make lemonade pink. Rosehip may also be used to provide a flowery feel to pink lemonade. If you’re making lemonade with red juice, you generally don’t need any more sugar because the extra juice will bring sweetness and taste.

Lemonade vs. Pink Lemonade

Some people prefer yellow lemonade for its sour flavor, while others prefer pink lemonade for its sweetness and flavor. Experiment with different juices in lemonade to find which one you like. Both beverages begin with the same ingredients as regular lemonade. Pink, on the other hand, contains extra components that distinguish it in flavor and color.

Lemonade is sourer, but pink lemonade is sweeter. Pink lemonade can be flavored differently depending on the type of red juice used. It may contain red dye or juices such as strawberry, raspberry, or cranberry for color and flavor. Lemonade is nothing more than water, lemon, and sugar.

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Comparison Chart
  1. Color is yellow
The color is pink or red, depending on the coloring agent
  1. Taste is sour
The taste is sweeter, more flavorful
  1. . Ingredients are much simpler
There is a wide range of alternative ingredients