Difference Between MacBook and Laptop
By Rebecca Rodriguez - June 24, 2022

Laptops had been cementing their way as the go-to PC for a solid 25 years before the advent of tech giant Apple’s MacBook in 2006. Since then, the conversations surrounding the Android-IOS rivalry on personal phones have found themselves twins with discussions surrounding MacBook and the PCs of lore, so much that the conversation has shifted to whether MacBook is even a laptop in the first place.

Table Summary

Majorly Windows Operating systemsAll use macOS
Available in a wide range of models and specificationsHas only three models on the market
Price range is flexibleThe price range is high
Easily upgradable.Upgrading is extremely difficult


The creation of laptops was to make desktop PCs easier to carry around. Also known as a notebook, it is either AC or battery-powered.

The MacBook is a creation by Apple that shares most of the design features found on other laptops. They were invented in 2006, the third laptop product by Apple but possessed unique features in their functionality. There are currently about three commercially accessible MacBook models.

Laptop VS MacBook

The defining difference between a MacBook and a laptop is in the operating systems of both PCs. While a good majority of laptops come preinstalled with Windows as the only OS, a MacBook uses a macOS which comes with unique features that a user might find preferable. A MacBook tends to be way more expensive than even most high-quality laptops. Accessories for a MacBook also do not come cheaply or in as wide a range of options as laptops. Another downside to MacBook is that it is not built for recreational activities like gaming despite its stellar screen and audio quality. MacBook PC also has durable hardware and software and is assisted with good customer care support in the event of complications.