Difference between Make and Model

Updated on June 23, 2017

The words “make” and “model” are usually used in conjunction with each other. For instance, if you see a nice car or if you are shopping for one, you usually ask for its “make and model.” But what does the phrase mean? And what is the difference between “make” and “model” anyway? Read on and find out the answers to these questions.


An Audi (make) R8 (model)

The word make in the phrase “make and model” is a noun that refers to the company that created or manufactured the product. It is synonymous with the words “label,” “brand,” or “marque.”

“Make” is not used for all types of products, typically just vehicles, machines, equipment, electronic devices, or appliances. For example, we don’t say “My favorite clothing make is Zara.” but we do say “The make of my photocopying machine is Xerox.” Other examples of “make” are:

  • Audi (vehicle)
  • Brother (machine)
  • General Electric (appliance)
  • Arris (equipment)
  • Apple (computers and electronic devices)

The term model in the phrase “make and model” is the name or title that a company gives to its product with a certain design or characteristics. It can be composed of letters, numbers, or a combination. Common examples of “models” are:

  • R8 (a vehicle from Audi)
  • DS-720D (a scanner from Brother)
  • AEE09KP (a line of window air conditioner from General Electric)
  • TM822G (a modem from Arris)
  • iMac (an electronic device)

The words “make” and “model” usually go hand in hand to properly identify a product. Let’s say your brother offers to pick you up at school with his new car which you haven’t seen yet. If he simply tells you he drives a Ford, it can be tough to find his car, especially since Ford is a fairly common vehicle make in the United States. Similarly, if he tells you he drives an Anglia, you probably won’t have any idea what he means unless you’re a car enthusiast. However, if he tells you the make and model, “Ford Focus,” you might be able to find it.

Make vs Model

What, then, is the difference between make and model?

“Make” identifies which brand or manufacturer created the product. It is usually composed of letters. “Model” emphasizes the particular line of product of a brand and it can be composed of all letters, all numbers, or a combination of letters and numbers.

Comparison Chart

Identifies which marque, brand, or manufacturer created the productEmphasizes the particular line of product of a brand
Usually composed of lettersCan be composed of letters, numbers, or a combination