Difference between Men’s and Women’s Bikes
By Theydiffer - July 1, 2015

A bicycle is perhaps one of the most effective methods of moving around because of its flexibility and low maintenance costs. It lets you have fun as you travel, doesn’t cost you anything and is friendly to the environment. If you are looking to own a bicycle, understanding the differences between men’s and women’s bicycles can be worth your attention.


A woman’s bicycle is simply a bicycle that is tailored for female riders, often with the top bar in the frame diagonally placed.

A man’s bicycle is a bicycle that is tailored for male riders – with considerations such as leg to torso ratios. The geometry of male specific bicycles is mostly compact with a horizontal top bar.

Comparison Chart

Men’s BikesWomen’s Bikes
Typically have horizontal top tubeTypically have a lowered top tube
Generally have longer saddle-handle bar length to accommodate longer arms of men.Generally have shorter saddle-handle bar length to accommodate shorter arms.
Wider and thicker handlebars to reflect the wider shoulders of men and their greater gripping abilityRelatively narrower and thinner handlebars
Narrower and longer saddlesWider and shorter saddles
Usually colored in black or any other colorOften colored in pink and other pastels

Men’s Bikes vs Women’s Bikes

What is the difference between Men’s and Women’s Bikes? The difference lies in the handlebars, frame design, and saddle.

  • Women generally have shorter bodies than men with a shorter torso length to leg length. Accordingly, the frame of a woman’s bicycle normally has a top tube that is shorter by up to 3 centimeters. In addition, women’s bicycles traditionally feature a lowered top tube as a consideration for women who wear skirts while riding. This makes it easy to mount or dismount the bicycle respectably. Men do not have problems jumping onto a bicycle because they have always worn trousers; hence their bicycles predominantly feature horizontal top tubes and are relatively high.
  • The relatively shorter women bicycles also make it easy for women to reach the handlebars while seated on the saddle. Gear shifters are also shorter in order to fit most women. By contrast, men’s bicycles are normally longer and higher to reach. The handle bars are also thinner for women and thicker for men since men grasp thicker handles more easily than women. Furthermore, men have wider shoulders than women. This is reflected in men’s bicycles having wider handlebars than those of women.
  • Saddles on women’s bicycles are usually short and wider. This is because women have wider pelvic bones than men. Bicycles for men are fitted with longer and narrower saddles.