Difference Between Milk Pancakes And Buttermilk Pancakes
By Marc Gordon - January 9, 2022

Pancakes are a great breakfast treat. With chocolate syrup, maple syrup, or even just butter, they have the power to make your day a thousand times better. But apparently, there are different types of pancakes out there. What is the difference between milk pancakes and buttermilk pancakes?

Table Summary

Milk PancakesButtermilk Pancakes
Regular pancake textureFluffier than a regular pancake
Slightly sweet flavorSlightly tangy flavor
Pancakes stacked up on a white plate

Getty Images / Moment / Lori Andrews


Milk pancakes are the regular pancakes you can find everywhere. Made with regular milk, these are a classic breakfast recipe. Their flavor goes with any kind of topping or syrup due to the subtle taste milk has.

Buttermilk pancakes use buttermilk instead of regular milk in their recipe. This ingredient makes the pancakes more airy and fluffy while adding a slightly tangy flavor to the batter. Their flavor compliments maple syrup particularly well.

Milk Pancakes VS Buttermilk Pancakes

The main difference between milk and buttermilk pancakes is a single ingredient. While milk pancakes are a classic, buttermilk pancakes have slowly gained popularity due to their fluffiness. Milk pancakes tend to have a very subtle flavor and buttermilk pancakes usually have a tangy taste.