Difference Between Networking and Socializing
By Marc Gordon - March 26, 2022

“It’s not what you know, but who you know,” as the adage goes. So building good relationships with people you meet is crucial at every stage in life. Most people, however, confuse socializing and networking. While networking is primarily about making contacts to advance professionally, socializing is the broad and nonspecific act of engaging with others. Networking usually occurs at work events like conferences, meetings, etc.

Table Summary

The primary purpose is to gather connections and build a network to advance professionally.Socializing is broad and could be for a social reason like making friends and, in some cases, work.
Networking is usually goal-directed and specific towards a career decision.With socializing, it’s mostly for fun and enjoyment purposes.


Making connections and forming relationships is the process of networking. These connections may provide you with information and contacts that may assist you in making educated career selections. Even unadvertised jobs/internships might be found through it.

Socialization entails spending time with and being a part of other people, including enjoying their company, confiding in them or allowing them to confide in you, and cooperating toward common goals. Socialization can take the form of joining a club or group, conversing online, calling a friend, or simply hanging out with pals. These activities make people feel secure by removing feelings of loneliness and promoting a sense of safety, belonging, and enjoyment.

Networking VS Socializing

The main difference between networking and socializing lies in the purpose of the interaction. Before initiating a conversation with people, knowing why and what you aim to get from an exchange is critical. Knowing why you’re engaging with someone will offer you more influence over the path in which the relationship develops. For example, you interact intending to further your career or business when you network. In contrast, when you socialize, you are interacting to receive some type of personal pleasure.