Difference between Oceanfront and Ocean View Hotel Rooms

September 26, 2016 by Editorial Team

Going on a trip anytime soon? Then you must be currently looking for accommodation. And if you are going to an ocean resort, chances are you will want to see the ocean from your room. But will both ocean view and oceanfront rooms do? Oh, you did not know there was a difference between the two? Then put down your credit card and only book your room after you read this article.


View from an ocean view room

An ocean view room is a room from the windows or balconies of which you have a view of the ocean. This implies any angle and could be an obstructed view. In some cases, you can only see the ocean if you walk to a certain spot or if you lean a bit. Even then, it is considered an ocean view option. When trying to book a room, it is important not to confuse ocean view with beach view, and you shouldn’t make assumptions regarding the distance between the hotel and the water. You might have to cross a street or even get to the beach by bus or car. A view of the ocean does not imply that it is within walking distance.

oceanfront room
View from an oceanfront room

An oceanfront room directly faces the ocean, and you get a great view of the beach and the water from every angle. This is true only if you are on a higher floor. Lower floor rooms’ views may be obstructed by foliage. Make sure you ask about this first. Once again, oceanfront does not imply anything about the vicinity to the beach. It only means that the room fully faces the water.


You can tell the difference between an ocean view and an oceanfront hotel room by how much of the ocean you actually get to see. With oceanfront rooms you can see the ocean directly from your room. Ocean view hotel rooms, however, offer literally any type of view of the ocean. It can be from a large distance, obstructed by other buildings or from a weird angle.

As far as prices go, the ocean view hotel rooms are cheaper. Getting to see the ocean in full view from your room is considered a luxury and something that improves a holiday, so it is something you must pay extra for.

Comparison Chart

Ocean viewOceanfront
Offer a partial or obstructed view of the oceanOffer a direct view of the ocean
View can be obstructed by another buildingCan be obstructed by foliage in front of the hotel if the room is closer to the ground floor
Is less expensiveIs more expensive