Difference between Oceanview and Oceanfront
By Claire Miles - May 7, 2023

When reserving a hotel or suite at your holiday destination, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the view from your room window. Are you looking for oceanfront, oceanview, or beachfront lodging, and what is the difference? At first glance, there may appear to be little difference between these descriptions, but this is usually not the case.


An oceanview property is one that has a view of the ocean from the property. The ocean will be visible from one or more rooms in properties of this category, although it may not be the first thing you notice when you glance outside. In truth, all that is required for a property to be labeled ‘oceanview’ is for some bit of the ocean to be visible from your room, even if you have to look out at an angle or be in a particular position in the room to see it.

Oceanfront properties always face the ocean, and this type of room is perfect for lovers of the sea. This accommodation type lies between the oceanview and the beachfront.

Oceanview vs. Oceanfront

While oceanview rooms give a partial view of the ocean, oceanfront rooms have a more direct view and are frequently placed close to the sea, so you can hear the ocean when you open the window. When looking for seaside lodging, you want to know precisely what you’re getting yourself into, and hotel lingo might be confusing. The primary distinction between oceanfront and beachfront homes is that beachfront units are located immediately on the beach line (where the land meets the sand), whereas oceanfront might suggest a lack of beach access (yet still directly on the water, say, atop a cliff). Specific places may have seaside residences that are technically beachfront.

The labeling of rooms might make choosing trips a little more complicated. Some vendors and renters describe all of their properties as beachfront, yet some may be located further back on the property than others, such as behind the restaurant or pool area.

Comparison Chart
  1. It has a view of the ocean from at least a part of the lodge. This view might be full or partial.
It has a clear view of the ocean and might be located on the beach (beachfront)
  1. Typically costs less
Oceanfront properties cost more