Difference Between Personal Shoppers and Stylists
By Claire Miles - March 24, 2022

You might want to employ a stylist or a personal shopper if you’re seeking to step up your game and perform a complete wardrobe overhaul. Personal shoppers and stylists aren’t just for celebrities; they can help you enhance your sense of style and trim and refine your wardrobe. While a stylist has an idea of your style and what look you’re going for and shops based on that knowledge, a personal shopper essentially does your shopping.

Table Summary

Personal shopperStylist
Basically does your shopping for youStylists consider the clothes, personality, overall look, etc.
They may or may not be paidStylists are always paid.
The focus for personal shoppers is the clothes/outfit.Possesses knowledge of the clients’ needs and desired look
Personal shopper helping client pick out a shirt

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Personal shoppers act as professional purchasers for private clients and advisers within high-end stores who provide styling services and wardrobe advice. In addition, they offer a wide range of services as shoppers. Shoppers communicate helpful information about the client’s preferences and carry out the entire process of locating clothing, creating a great selection, and then showing it to the buyer.

You need a stylist if you are one of those who enjoys going on enormous shopping sprees and ends up with a lot of impulse purchases that dry out in your wardrobe. They’ll work with you to determine your stylistic goals and curate outfits around them. This way, you’ll only spend money on clothes you’ll wear. A stylist specializes in putting together looks for individuals and assisting them with other style requirements.

Personal Shopper VS Stylist

Although personal shoppers can sometimes act as personal stylists for their customers, these two job positions differ. A Personal Shopper assists customers in selecting clothing, jewelry, and design goods in retail apparel stores or with private clientele. Personal shoppers may not be familiar with your unique style or requirements. Stylists are personal shoppers but with an extra layer of responsibility. Stylists know your style, likes, and personality and dress you to best reflect you.