Difference between Personality and Character
By Theydiffer - November 30, 2015

Personality can be defined as those qualities that make you “You”. Normally, personality is related to your outer appearance. Also, it is described through your behavior. Character, on the other hand, consists of a set of qualities that depicts your moral values. Your morals also make you a unique and distinct person.


The term ‘Personality’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘persona’, which means mask. Every person has a different personality owing to his particular characteristics, behavior and way of presenting himself. In a way, it is how you respond or react in a certain circumstance. Without doubt, some people can have an honest and straightforward personality, while some may be known for having an erratic personality.

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When it comes to defining the character of a person, it cannot be easily judged, because it is comprised of one’s moral qualities and traits such as being trustworthy or shady, kind or unkind, generous or mean. Researchers say that personality is something that is permanent and incontrovertible, but character is also something that once built can hardly be altered. An individual’s character traits may include honesty or dishonesty, empathy or disinterest, or being in tune with nature (or not).

Personality vs Character

What’s the difference between personality and character?

Personality is generally defined as illustrating a set of inborn traits. The word character is usually used to describe a person’s level of integrity. A person of ‘good character’ would be kind, helpful or genuine. However, his personality could be lazy, enthusiastic, positive, negative or passionate.

Not only is it difficult to judge your personality, but your character as well. People can initially only make assumptions about your personality, or even your character. Your character is objective, and personality, on the contrary, is subjective. Character is something that comes from within and shows how much a person of value you are. Wherever you go, your character goes with you. Personality is how you present yourself, and thus, can change at certain stages in life.

It is possible for a person to have a shy, nervous and introvert personality, and not interact with a lot of people. But his character may be good enough to let him do something positive for lots of people. Another person may have a very friendly and jolly personality, but may have a character that makes him con other people.

If personality is your mind, character is your soul.

Comparison Chart

Personality Character
Personality is the way one carries oneself.Character is what a person is like inside.
Different things such as sense of humor, friendliness, and passions determine your personality.Major components of your character include honesty, respect, responsibility, courage, and loyalty (or the contrary of these).
Personality is connected with someone’s appearance and characteristics that make them unique.Character encompasses one’s moral values.
Personality is subjective.Character is objective.