Difference between Premium Economy and Business Class
By Theydiffer - March 25, 2016

The name Premium Economy may be confused with Business class. While both classes offer extreme comfort to passengers, and are expensive too, premium economy and business are two different classes in an airplane, which come with their own sets of benefits.


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A number of airplanes have started providing seats in a new class named premium economy class. Just like the business class, this new-fangled class provides multiple benefits and comforts to travelers who seek more space and comfort as compared to the basic economy class. The premium economy class truly delivers what it promises, i.e. better arrangement of seats in rows which are at a good distance from each other, with the provision for adjustable headrests, personal TV screens, luxurious food service and wide seats with a reclining capacity.

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On the other hand, there is business class which in the first place offers a luxurious travel experience to passengers. Business class seats have a reclining capacity of up to 170 degrees. Furthermore, these are meant for people travelling for official or professional reasons, who want a higher level of comfort so as to arrive fresh and relaxed at their destination. In business class, you are served a complete meal and sit in highly comfortable seats with a personal TV. You also have the facility of ports for charging your mobile or laptop.

Premium Economy vs Business Class

While there is not much difference in the facilities offered by the two classes, the biggest difference between premium economy and business class is the price. A business class seat is far more expensive as compared to a premium economy class, with airlines charging around 65% more.  There are many good reasons behind this: for example, in terms of legroom, business class is 50% more spacious than premium economy class. The seat recline is greater in the business class than its counterpart. Furthermore, the food and wine offered are far better, along with more comfortable headrests and leg rests.

Comparison Chart

Premium Economy ClassBusiness Class
Premium economy class is available in some airplanes.Business class is available in almost all airplanes.
A premium economy class allows for an extra 2-3 inches when it comes to seat recline.A business class seat provides room for an extra 8 inches when it comes to seat recline.
You get a premium food service in the premium class.You get a full meal in the business class.