Difference Between Ravioli And Tortellini
By Laura Lee - January 5, 2022

Ravioli and tortellini are two types of stuffed pasta that can be filled with cheese, meat, and more. While ravioli is square-shaped, tortellini is ring-shaped. But is that the only difference between them? Keep reading to find out.

Table Summary

Usually filled with ricottaUsually filled with pork
Ravioli on a white plate

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Dating back to the 14th century in Italy, ravioli features a filling sealed between two thin layers of egg pasta. It is typically square, although there are circular and semi-circular versions of the stuffed pasta out there, and usually filled with ricotta cheese or mushrooms.

Tortellini is a type of ring-shaped stuffed pasta originally from Italy. Typically stuffed with ricotta cheese or pork, tortellini is also commonly filled with carrots and snap peas.

Ravioli VS Tortellini

As we previously mentioned, while ravioli is a square-shaped pasta, tortellini is shaped like a ring. Originally from Italy, both are types of stuffed pasta but each one is traditionally stuffed with different ingredients: ravioli is usually filled with ricotta cheese or mushrooms, while tortellini is filled with ricotta cheese or pork. Tortellini is also sometimes filled with vegetables such as carrots and snap peas.