Difference between Real and Fake Jordans
By Theydiffer - February 17, 2016

There are many signs that help identify authentic Jordans. In this article, we will take a look at some differences between real and fake Jordans.



Authentic Air Jordans

Air Jordans are a very popular brand of sport shoes produced by a partnership between Michael Jordan and the Nike Company. As these shoes are often counterfeited in foreign factories, before you buy a pair, we recommend you to go through a list of signs that help differentiate real Air Jordans from fake ones.

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Real Jordans vs Fake Jordans

What is the difference between Real Jordans and Fake Jordans?

Box: Look at the sticker that is usually placed at the corner of the box. If the factory number is peeled off, that is a telltale sign that the Jordans are fake. Also look at the retail tag on the box. If it is not there, or is somehow messed up, it can also be a sign that the boots inside the box are fake. Look carefully at the way the numbers on the tag are presented. Specifically, watch the way the number “1” is done. In the case of factory Jordans, the number “1” is consistent throughout. In the case of fakes, the number “1” is often formed differently. Also look to see if there are spelling mistakes – that would constitute fake Jordans.

Plastic sheet inside the box: In the case of authentic Jordans, the color of the sheet is consistent. In the case of fake Jordans, the color of the sheet can be rubbed off a little, or the dye can come off. Also, the fake sheet would stain the paper that wraps up the shoes.

The shoes: In the case of real Jordans, there should be a little yellowing around the blue parts at the bottom. This is a natural occurrence, when Jordans are stored properly. If there is no yellowing, this is a telltale sign that these are the fake Jordans. Also, the fake Jordans have the carbon fiber support painted on. You can scratch the paint off it, and also bend it with your finger. The real carbon in authentic Jordans is very hard.

If the Jordans you have are designed with the number “23” written on the back: In the case of fakes, this number is more compressed and has a lighter shade of white. Also, the back glossy part of the shoe is dull in the case of a fake pair.

Size tag: Inside the shoe, look at the size tag. For some reason fake Jordans almost never have a size tag inside.

Fake Jordans are shorter than real Jordans. You will not be able to tell the difference unless you see the two side by side.

Jumpman embroidery has 4 fingers stitched on each hand. On the other hand, fake Jordans features only 3-fingered Jumpman.

Comparison chart

Real Jordans Fake Jordans
Paper inside is not stainedPaper inside is stained
Numbers on the tag on the box are formed consistentlyNumbers on the tag on the box are not formed consistently
Yellowing at the bottomNo yellowing at the bottom
Size tag insideOften no size tag inside
The black color is glossierThe black color is not glossy
Is often longerIs often shorter
A jumpman has 4 fingersA jumpman has 3 fingers
Trim is proper, stitching is okInconsistencies with trim; stitching is done badly