Difference between Smoothie and Milkshake
By Theydiffer - June 2, 2016

During hot summer days, people usually crave sweet and cold refreshments. Regardless of the season, however, these two types of drinks are always welcome treats. Smoothies and milkshakes certainly have their unique way of satisfying the palate as they have properties that differentiate them from one another.


A smoothie is a blended cold beverage that mainly consists of fruits and/or vegetables, water, and crushed ice. Additional ingredients may include dairy products like milk or yogurt, sweeteners such as honey or syrup, nuts, seeds, tea, and also various herbal and nutritional supplements. The flavor will vary depending on the choice of fruit, vegetable, and other ingredients included. Smoothies include pulp, skin, or even seeds, in the blend, making it thicker and healthier than regular fruit juices. However, adding too much sweeteners will definitely affect its quality of being healthy.

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A milkshake is another kind of blended cold beverage. Its primary ingredients are milk, scoops of ice cream, and sweeteners such as chocolate, caramel, or strawberry syrup.

Smoothie vs Milkshake

So what is the difference between a smoothie and a milkshake? The main difference between these two blended drinks is their chief ingredients. As each beverage was described, one can easily note that a smoothie’s primary ingredient is fruit, while a milkshake’s key ingredient is ice cream. Although one can also say that another difference is that smoothies are healthier, sweeteners added to smoothies, especially in large quantities, may not make that statement always true.

Comparison Chart

fruit as key ingredientice cream as key ingredient