Difference between Studio and Apartment
By Theydiffer - June 1, 2016

There are people who come to big cities with the dream of living in a studio apartment and leading a bohemian life. Yet how can they tell a studio apart from an apartment and what makes them so bohemian and appealing in movies? Apart from marketing and presentation, what is the difference between the two and what type of apartment would be better suited for whom?


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A studio is also known as a studio apartment, a studio flat or a bachelor apartment, and is the type of lodging which combines a bedroom, a living room and a kitchenette in the same open space of one room. Bathrooms are small and all areas of the apartment designed for various activities such as preparing a simple meal, sleeping or spending the day are fitted in with care and good space management.

Its name may vary from place to place, but the concept remains. Technically, a person gets more or less the same living conditions he would in a dorm but with the luxury of living there alone. The price is more accessible than that of an apartment, but it depends on the location, the amenities it has and the city it is in.

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An apartment, or a one-bedroom apartment (since we are comparing it with the studio apartment) is a type of lodging with separate living spaces. This means that the bedroom is separated from the living room as well as from the kitchen. Apartments usually have kitchens where tenants can cook real meals without worrying about getting the smell all over the house and into everything.

Again, rents vary from place to place and from one apartment to another. You can find cheaper one-bedroom apartments if you do not care about living further away from the center of the city. Renovation costs and the money put into the apartment will usually be reflected in the price or rent.

Studio vs Apartment

So what is the difference between a studio and an apartment?

It all depends on how you like to live and how much your budget covers your needs. It is obvious that a studio is the choice of anyone who is renting for the first time and who is looking to be alone in the place. Another cost-effective option is the renting of a room along with other people but you are no longer enjoying independent life on your own. The studio is the best solution for anyone who rents for the first time.

Once things evolve and personal finances change, a person could move to a one-bedroom apartment and have the luxury of separate rooms, even if this means paying extra on rent. In time, a studio can prove to be cramped and might not allow having people over too often. On the other hand, an apartment is perfect for entertaining. There is even a kitchen instead of a kitchenette, which allows the host to prepare complicated dishes.

Studios are cost effective solutions designed mainly for people who do not plan on spending too much time at home, who do not wish to entertain or to invest in a lot of furniture and appliances right away. There is little storage space and every extra item ends up being placed somewhere it does not belong. Apartments are a step up in all aspects: money, comfort, space, storage. One way to look at it would be the gradual evolution from smaller to larger spaces and bigger costs, as it is more natural to do this instead of living in an apartment and then going back to a cramped studio life. On the other hand, when you are not renting for a long period and you would like to live in a more expensive area of a city, a studio apartment might just be a good option.

Comparison Chart

All rooms (except the bathroom) are in the same open spaceAll rooms are separate
Cost effectivePricier
Very little storage spaceSufficient space
KitchenetteNormal kitchen