Difference Between Toffee and Taffy
By Laura Lee - March 19, 2023

Not only do the names of these two sweets sound very similar, but the main ingredients of both are also almost the same. However, there remain a lot of differences between Taffy and Toffee.

Chart Summary
  1. Toffee syrup is heated to a much higher temperature
Taffy syrup is only heated as high as 290 degrees Fahrenheit
  1. It is not pulled
Taffy is pulled.
Homemade caramel

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Taffy is a candy from sugar syrup cooked in a pot to a specific temperature. The taffy’s basis comprises sugar, corn syrup, and water. Taffy can be flavored with salt, and other ingredients include butter, glycerin, citric acid, and cornstarch.
The combination is cooked until it reaches the soft crack stage of cooking sugar, turning hard and brittle. Flavor extracts and food colorings may be added to generate varying flavors.

Toffee is a sugary confection. Sugar, corn syrup, water, and butter are used to make it. The sugar syrup is heated to the hard crack stage or within the top limits of the soft crack stage to create toffee. Butter makes the toffee more filling and adds a rich flavor. Nuts might also be used to make toffee, and flavoring and coloring can also be applied. It might be used in various dessert dishes or combined with other snacks.

Toffee vs. Taffy

When making toffee, the sugar syrup is cooked to a significantly higher temperature than when making taffy.
Toffee reaches the hard crack stage (295 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit), whereas taffy reaches the soft crack stage (295 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit) (270 to 290 degrees Fahrenheit)

When the taffy has cooled sufficiently to handle, it is pulled and folded. This is done to aerate it and make it soft and chewy. Toffee is not plucked but rather let cool and harden. This is why taffy has a smooth and chewy texture, whereas toffee is often tougher yet also chewy.