Difference between Vegetable Stock and Vegetable Broth
By Theydiffer - June 13, 2015

For the layman, the two terms, vegetable stock and vegetable broth may seem to be interchangeable. This article, however, is aimed at informing readers the difference that exists between the two.


Vegetables are any of the various herbaceous plants that are used as food. They include cabbage, onions, beans and cauliflower.

A broth is a thin, clear soup based on stock, to which rice, barley, meat or vegetables may be added. A vegetable broth therefore is a liquid in which vegetables and other ingredients are cooked.

Stock, on the other hand, is a flavored liquid preparation which is known to form a basis of many dishes, mostly soups or broths, and sauces. Making a vegetable stock would therefore involve simmering vegetables in water. Other spices may then be added for flavor.

Comparison chart

Vegetable brothVegetable stock
Is drinkable on its own as it is seasoned in advanceIs used as a basis for dishes, including broth, because it is unseasoned, hence somewhat tasteless
There is no control in salt levels or other additive levels as this is done in advanceSalt levels and other additive levels are controllable as this is done on the table.
Ingredients used in the cooking process are not removed after the whole process is finishedThe ingredients used during the simmering process are removed after the whole process is finished
The activity doesn’t stop with the boiling as seasoning followsThe preparation process halts at the simmering process since no seasoning is required

Vegetable stock vs Vegetable broth

In the preparation of vegetable stock, the ingredients, which are vegetable based, are simmered in water and later removed, leaving a highly nutritious liquid, whereas in the preparation of a vegetable broth, when the cooking is done, the ingredients are not eliminated.

In the preparation of a vegetable stock, the action stops with the simmering and nothing more is added, the reason for its being rather tasteless, whereas in the preparation of a vegetable broth, seasoning is done by adding some salt, and other spices like wine, pepper so as to make it delicious.

As a result of the seasoning that is done during the preparation of a vegetable broth, it is therefore drinkable on its own, whereas a vegetable stock is not drinkable on its own since it is almost tasteless, and is therefore most likely to be used as a basis for other dishes.

With stock, the server has control over how it gets salted and seasoned from dish to dish since it initially is a plain taste, whereas broth comes to the table already seasoned and little or no changes can be made to it.