Difference between Waffles and Pancakes
By Theydiffer - 2016-02-05 08:20:11

Waffles and pancakes have long been delicious meals popular in many countries. Though they look and taste similar, there are differences between the two, and we will examine them in the following article.


In some restaurants, there is an automatic pancakes machine in making pancakes

  • In order to be made properly, waffles require a waffle iron. Pancakes, on the other hand, do not require any special cooking equipment. Anybody can make pancakes using a simple skillet.
    Famous Liège Waffles

    Famous Liège Waffles, Belgium’s most popular type

  • The raw batter is thinner when making waffles. For pancakes, on the other hand, the raw batter is thicker.
  • Waffles have a distinctly crisp exterior, while pancakes have a soft one.
  • Waffles contain more fat than pancakes, because of the greater amount of oil used in making them.
  • One waffle is usually lighter than one pancake, because of the amount of batter used.

Comparison chart

Require waffle ironDo not require special cooking equipment
Raw mixture is thinnerRaw mixture is thicker
Have a crisp exteriorHave a soft exterior
Contain more fatContain less fat
Are lighterAre heavier